1. Definition

    1. UnionBank - refers to UnionBank of the Philippines, a universal bank which provides several products such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and other banking services.
    2. Cebu Pacific - refers to Cebu Air, Inc., an airline company based and operating in the Philippines.
    3. GetGo - is a loyalty program owned and administered by Cebu Pacific that allows its members to accumulate points and redeem them for free flights.
    4. GetGo Prepaid Cards - ("Cards") refers to the co-branded prepaid cards bearing the names and marks of both UnionBank and Cebu Pacific. There are two variants of GetGo Prepaid cards - GetGo Virtual Prepaid and GetGo Peso+ Card and both are under license with Visa.
    5. GetGo Virtual Prepaid - refers to an electronic account in the UnionBank system which stores Philippine Pesos (PHP). GetGo Virtual Prepaid does not have a physical card linked to it and so it can only be used in Visa-accredited e-commerce merchants.
    6. GetGo Peso+ Prepaid Card - ("GetGo Peso+ Card") refers to the prepaid card issued to the Cardholder which proves the existence of an electronic account in the UnionBank system. The GetGo Peso+ Card stores Philippine Pesos (PHP) value in the primary wallet and eight other currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, HKD, SGD, JPY, and CAD) in the secondary wallets. GetGo Peso+ Card can be used for POS and ATM transactions and it is accepted in all Visa-accredited merchants worldwide.
    7. Cardholder - refers to the individual using either GetGo Virtual Prepaid or GetGo Peso+ Card whose personal information appears in the online application form and in the user profile linked to the Prepaid Cards.
    8. Merchant - refers to all domestic, international, and online Visa accredited merchants.
    9. KYC - refers to the process required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas of establishing and verifying the identity of a Cardholder.
    10. POS or Point-of-Sale - refers to the terminal used by accredited merchants to process card payments.
    11. ATM or Automated Teller Machine- refers to the cash dispensing machines that are linked to the Bancnet and Visa networks.
    12. GetGo Peso+ App and Website - refers to the mobile application and website used by Cardholders to manage their GetGo Prepaid Cards. These digital channels allow Cardholders to view card details, card balance, and transaction history and initiate card-to-card transfers and currency conversions.

    1. GetGo Virtual Prepaid is a reloadable electronic account or wallet that you can use to purchase goods and services from online Visa-accredited merchants worldwide. It is issued instantly after an online application process and includes a pre-linked GetGo membership account.
      GetGo Peso+ Card is a multi-currency reloadable prepaid card that you can use to purchase goods and services from Visa-accredited merchants worldwide and withdraw cash from ATMs in the Philippines bearing the Bancnet logo and in ATMs abroad bearing the Visa logo. It can be bought from UnionBank branches, Cebu Pacific ticketing offices or booths, and partner retailers. Every GetGo Peso+ Card is pre-linked with a GetGo membership account.
    2. GetGo Prepaid Cards are NOT credit cards or deposit accounts, hence, do not earn interest and the funds therein are not insured with the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, they are subject to the rules and regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas ("BSP") and the Anti-Money Laundering Act ("AMLA").
    3. GetGo Prepaid Cards are co-branded by UnionBank and GetGo. Cardholders likewise agree to be enrolled as GetGo members and be subject to GetGo's terms and conditions (https://www.getgo.com.ph/terms-and-conditions).
    4. Cardholders who are existing GetGo members will be issued a new GetGo membership account, which can be linked to their current GetGo account. Linking of multiple GetGo accounts are done thru the GetGo website (https://www.getgo.com.ph/).
    5. All GetGo Peso+ cards shall remain the property of UnionBank and must be surrendered upon demand. It is non-transferable, and may be cancelled, repossessed, or revoked at any time without prior notice subject to applicable law.
    6. Any person that is at least twelve (12) years of age and capable of reading and writing may avail of the GetGo Prepaid Cards. However, applicants of the GetGo Peso+ card must be able to present at least one valid identification document (ID) from the list of IDs acceptable to the BSP.

    1. Cardholders are required to completely fill out the online application form either thru the mobile app or the website. Cardholders must upload a specimen signature and a copy of a valid, government-issued identification card. The Bank shall not be liable for any failure in the registration by the customer, or in the process thereof, to avail of the Cards due to the lack of the required information.
    2. The Cardholder acknowledges that he has read, understood and fully agrees and accepts with UnionBank's Privacy Policy as found in www.unionbankph.com/privacy-security#0.
      1. The Cardholder authorizes and consents to the processing, sharing and/or transferring by UnionBank of his Personal Data as this term is defined under the Data Privacy Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations ("DPA IRR") and all other issuances of the National Privacy Commission (NPC), or otherwise, relating to his GetGo Prepaid Cards to any of the following for any of the specified purposes which in all cases are in compliance with or pursuant to the Bank's legal or contractual obligations:
        1. government regulatory agencies, credit information/investigation companies, financial institutions, credit bureaus, Cebu Pacific, GetGo, consumer reporting or reference agencies such as Credit Card Association of the Philippines, Bankers Association of the Philippines, Credit Information Corporation and the Transunion Credit Bureau for the purpose of credit investigation, consumer reporting, or for reports of my/our credit history and account updates;
        2. third persons, correspondent banks, service providers and entities as UnionBank deems necessary, to enable UnionBank to service the Cardholder's account/s and to provide all the existing features of his account/s, the Bank products, services, facilities and channels, and any future enhancements thereto or to assist UnionBank in the processing of his data, including its collection, recording, organization, storage, management, protection, updating or modification, retrieval, consultation, use, consolidation, blocking, erasure or destruction;
        3. third parties engaged by UnionBank or by its subsidiaries or affiliates for the purpose of direct/indirect marketing to offer selected products and services which may interest the Cardholder unless specifically instructed otherwise in writing;
        4. insurers, insurance brokers, or providers of deposit or credit protection or protection against all kinds of risks; or
        5. regulatory authorities when such other persons or entities the Bank may deem as having authority or right to such disclosure of information as in the case of regulatory agencies, governmental or otherwise, which have required such disclosure from the Bank and when the circumstance so warrant.
      2. The Cardholder understands that Personal information refers to any information, whether recorded in a material form or not, from which his identity is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify him. The Customer is fully aware that UnionBank collects his personal information from any of the following sources: 1) online application form or other form duly accomplished by him as requested by UnionBank; 2) information collected about him when he contacts UnionBank or when UnionBank contacts him through the hotline, via e-mail, mobile applications or services, online platforms and otherwise; and) information collected about him from other commercially available sources or recorded communication.
      3. The Cardholder is aware that his personal information is collected and shared for purposes of providing the service, product and/or facility which he has applied for or agreed to obtain from UnionBank, or for purposes of complying with relevant government or legal mandate or requirement.The Cardholder hereby consents to the disclosure required by such product, service of facility to the enumerated third parties above and further authorize UnionBank, its officers, employees or representatives and third parties as enumerated above, to obtain verify and review the information that he has provided and to use and process the same in evaluating his application/s to avail of UnionBank's products and/or services, which include a broad range of credit, deposit and other financial products. The customer likewise authorizes the collection of his personal, use and processing, directly by UnionBank or through its authorized third party service providers, business partners, consultants or advisers, which have satisfied UnionBank's requirements of corporate, legal, information security, and data privacy, to either improve UnionBank's product or service to him or the public in general or to market any other product, service or facility of UnionBank(solely or in partnership with other entities) which UnionBank may determine to be of interest to him.
      4. The Cardholder agrees that his authorization and consent as provided herein has been executed freely, voluntarily and with full knowledge of its consequences. It is intended to be the consent and/or permission required under the DPA IRR, RA 1405 or the Bank Secrecy Law and all other relevant laws for the purposes specified above. It is valid as an agreement signed by him and shall have continued effect throughout the duration of his relationship with the Bank and/or existence of his account(s), and/or until the expiration of the retention limit set by laws and regulations, and/or the period set until the destruction or disposal of records as mandated by relevant laws, unless he withdraws such authorization and consent in writing. The customer hereby renders UnionBank, its officers, employees and representatives free and harmless from any and all liabilities arising from the above use and disclosure of his information.
      5. The Cardholder certifies that the information he has provided in the online application form or other form or document as required by UnionBank is true, correct and complete and he agrees to immediately and/or periodically update the same should there be any change, mistake or inaccuracy thereon. The Cardholder fully understands that said information may be used by UnionBank to provide the service, product or facility he has applied for or agreed to obtain from UnionBank. The Cardholder fully understands that the contact information he has provided shall be used for all correspondences between him and UnionBank unless he notifies and promptly advises UnionBank in writing of any change on said contact and other personal information. The Cardholder is aware that he can request a copy of his personal information he has provided to UnionBank and that for any question on UnionBank's Privacy Policy, he can contact the Bank through the 24-Hour GetGo Prepaid Cards Hotline: (632) 981-3699 or Universal Toll Free: IAC +800-8277-2273.
      6. The Cardholder acknowledges that UnionBank has in place and implements technical and organizational measures to ensure data security in the collection, storage, and use of his personal information.
      7. The Cardholder allows UnionBank to keep his personal information only for as long as it is necessary: a) for the fulfillment of the declared, specified, and legitimate purposes provided above, or when the processing relevant to the purposes has been terminated; or b) for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims; or c) for legitimate business purposes, which shall be in accordance with the standards of the banking industry. The Cardholder authorizes UnionBank to dispose his personal information in a secure manner in order to prevent further processing, unauthorized access, or disclosure to any other party.

    1. GetGo Virtual Prepaid is automatically activated upon issuance.
    2. GetGo Peso+ Card is activated on the first load transaction.
    3. UnionBank shall not be liable for any and all losses, damages, injuries or claims of whatever nature resulting from the non-activation of the GetGo Virtual Prepaid and/or the GetGo Peso+ Cards if such non-activation resulted from any and all acts of the customer such as, but not limited to, not initiating the first top-up transaction.

    1. Cardholders can load Philippine Pesos (PHP) in their GetGo Prepaid Cards thru:
      • Accredited retail partners - Cardholders can visit any of the accredited loading partners, hand over their cash and electronically credit the equivalent cash amount to the Card. The retail partner may charge a small sum to the extent permitted by applicable law.
      • Bank partners- Cardholders may also initiate a load transaction from their accounts in partner banks thru said partner bank's activated bank channels such as online, mobile, ATM, and/or over-the-counter banking. The equivalent load amount will be electronically credited to the Card. The bank partner may charge a small sum to the extent permitted by applicable law.
      • Card-to-card transfer - Cardholders can send funds from a GetGo Prepaid Card to another GetGo Prepaid Card thru the GetGo Peso+ mobile app or web portal. Applicable fees will be automatically deducted from the Card.
    2. UnionBank may set minimum or maximum transaction limits as required by partner retailers and banks or by applicable laws.

    1. GetGo Prepaid Cards may be used to obtain goods or services or both at merchants who accept Visa Prepaid Cards through point-of-sale (only available for GetGo Peso+ Cards) or online transactions provided there is sufficient balance on the Card.
    2. The Bank as issuer of the Cards has an agreement with Visa that the Cards shall be honored at all domestic, international, and online Visa-accredited merchants. The Bank shall not be liable to the Cardholder if, for any reason, the Cards are not honored by the merchant or the acquiring bank, or by Visa. The Cardholder holds the Bank free and harmless from any and all losses, claims of whatever nature or damages due to the failure of any accredited merchant or any acquiring bank, or of Visa to honor the Cards. The Bank shall not be responsible for any defective product or service purchased through the Cards. Any complaint regarding goods or services purchased using the Card shall be referred directly to the merchant concerned.
    3. UnionBank shall not be responsible nor liable in any of these instances: (i) any interruption in the use of the Cards; (ii) the quality, safety, legality, or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased from any Merchant or bill payment recipient, with the Cards; (iii) any Merchant refusal to honor the Card or special offers, and/or (iv) any other problems which the Cardholder may have with any Merchant. The Cardholder agrees to settle directly with the Merchant any dispute he/she may have with said Merchant. The Cardholder may call the 24-Hour GetGo Prepaid Cards Hotline: (632) 981-3699 or Universal Toll Free (IAC +800-8277-2273) to report the incident in case any Merchant fails to honor the Card.

    1. GetGo Peso+ Cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs bearing the Visa logo worldwide and at ATMs in the Philippines bearing the BANCNET logo.
    2. The Bank shall not be liable for any failure by the Cardholder to complete a transaction due to insufficient funds available on his Peso+ or failure of the ATM to disburse cash.

    The Cardholder agrees to do and be liable as follows:

    1. Not to disclose the PIN or record it on the Card or otherwise make it available to anyone else;
    2. Notwithstanding said restriction should the Cardholder permit someone else to possess or safekeep the Card, the Cardholder shall be conclusively deemed and presumed to have authorized its use and shall be liable for all transactions occurring therefrom.
    3. The Cardholder shall also be liable for all transactions made by the Cardholder, or by any person authorized or permitted to possess or use the Card and/or PIN, or by any person who may have come into possession of the Card and/or PIN through the Cardholder's fault, omission or negligence, until and unless the Cardholder promptly notifies UnionBank's Cardholder Services and informing them of the loss or theft of the Card or PIN.
    4. The Cardholder shall promptly notify UnionBank of any loss or theft of the Card or PIN- by calling the 24-Hour GetGo Prepaid Cards Hotline: (632) 981-3699 or Universal Toll Free: IAC +800-8277-2273- as all transactions undertaken with the Card used prior to that time shall be the Cardholder's responsibility.
  9. Card Wallets, Limits, and Settlement

    1. GetGo Virtual Prepaid stores a single Philippine Peso(PHP) wallet.
    2. GetGo Virtual Prepaid cardholders are subject to the following Card limits:
      • Maximum card balance of PHP50,000.00;
      • Monthly aggregate load limit of PHP50,000.00;
      • No usage and purchase limit from Visa Accredited Merchants
    3. GetGo Peso+ cards have nine (9) currency wallets that can be activated.
      • Philippine Peso (PHP)
      • United States Dollars (USD)
      • Singapore Dollars (SGD)
      • HongKong Dollars (HKD)
      • Australian Dollars (AUD)
      • Japanese Yen (JPY)
      • Euro (EUR)
      • British Pound (GBP)
      • Canadian Dollars (CAD)
    4. GetGo Peso+ cardholders are subject to the following Card limits:
      • Maximum card balance (sum of all wallets) of PHP450,000.00;
      • Monthly aggregate load limit of PHP250,000.00;
      • Minimum load amount of PHP100.00;
      • Daily combined ATM withdrawal limit of PHP50,000.00 or the equivalent in foreign currency
      • No usage and purchase limit from Visa Accredited Merchants
    5. Each time the Cardholder uses the Cards, UnionBank is authorized to deduct the amount of the transaction and its associated fee (if any) from the balance of the funds loaded in the Card. The Cardholder is not allowed to exceed the balance of funds available on the Card. If the Card is used when there are insufficient funds, the transaction will be declined. However, if a transaction that exceeds the balance of the funds available on the Card occurs due to a system malfunction or otherwise, the Cardholder shall remain fully liable to the Bank for the amount of the transaction plus any applicable fees or charges.
    6. When the Card is used for a purchase which is greater than the balance of the funds available on the Card, the Cardholder must advise the merchant to charge to the Card only the exact amount of funds available on the Card and arrange to pay the difference using another payment method. The merchant may require payment for the difference in cash rather than accepting another card, such as a credit or debit card. Some merchants may not accept these "split transactions." If the Cardholder fails to inform the merchant prior to completing the transaction, the transaction may be declined. UnionBank does not guarantee that a merchant will permit split transactions.
    7. In the event that Cardholder makes a purchase and then changes his mind after the merchant has already obtained an "authorization" for said purchase, the "authorization" may result in a TEMPORARY HOLD for that amount of funds until released by UnionBank and such held funds will not be accessible until released. The Cardholder agrees that UnionBank shall not be made liable for any losses or damages that the Cardholder may incur as a result of said holding or for the consequences of the change in the Cardholder's initial decision to purchase.
    8. When the Cardholder is entitled to a refund for any reason for goods or services obtained with the Card, the Cardholder agrees to accept credits to the Card for such refunds.
  10. Fees and Charges

    1. The Cardholder acknowledges the right of UnionBank to impose charges such as service fees, loading fees and other fees related to any service or facility to which the Cardholder may be entitled to avail of. The Cardholder agrees to pay such service fees and charges presently imposed or may in the future be imposed by UnionBank at its option. As necessary, the amount of said service fees and charges may be revised by the UnionBank from time to time.
    2. The Cardholder may view the Fee Schedule anytime in the website. The Cardholder agrees that the fees and charges set forth in the Fee Schedule apply to the Cards and its usage and Cardholder fully authorizes UnionBank to deduct the applicable amount from the Cards' balance. If the Cardholder requests for services otherwise not included in this Agreement or in the Fee Schedule, the Cardholder agrees to pay the fees and charges for those services.
    3. The Cardholder acknowledges that parties other than UnionBank and Cebu Pacific including third-party ATM operators and other third parties that may subsequently have a role in the provision of the Card or services related to its use, may apply other fees for use of the Card or services related to the Card. Such fees will be disclosed by the party charging it at the time the services are used and the Cardholder authorizes UnionBank to deduct such fees from the Card. UnionBank shall charge a fee to the Cardholder in respect of each cash withdrawal made using the Card for which a charge is made by Visa, BancNet and Expressnet in accordance with UnionBank's schedule of fees from time to time in force.
    4. The Cardholder agrees that UnionBank may change, add or delete any fees and charges from the Fee Schedule, from time to time, if required under the circumstances to the extent allowed under any applicable laws or regulations.
    5. As of the date hereof, the schedule of charges payable by the Cardholder is set out below. These charges are subject to change by the Bank from time to time.
      One-time Card Fee FREE PHP 150.00
      Load Fee
      (Note: Minimal fee may be charged by accredited load partners)
      varies varies
      Card -to-Card Transfer PHP 20.00 PHP 20.00
      Domestic ATM Withdrawal Fee n/a PHP 20.00
      Domestic ATM Balance Inquiry Fee n/a PHP 5.00
      International ATM Withdrawal Fee n/a PHP 200.00
      International ATM Balance Inquiry Fee n/a PHP 50.00
      International ATM Decline Fee (Balance Inquiry and Withdrawal) n/a PHP 50.00
      Inactivity Fee per month*
      *VIRTUAL: The Inactivity Fee will only apply when there has been no cardholder-initiated activity for any 6-month period. The fee is charged on the 7th month.
      *PESO+: The Inactivity Fee will only apply when there has been no cardholder-initiated activity for any 12-month period. The fee is charged on the 13th month.
      *Cardholder-initiated activities refer to all card transactions excluding balance inquiry thru the mobile app and website and system-initiated activities such as charging of fees.
      PHP 200.00 PHP 200.00
  11. Lost or Stolen Cards

    1. UnionBank shall block the Card only from the time that it is reported lost or stolen. If the Card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder should contact the Bank AT ONCE at the 24-Hour GetGo Prepaid Cards Hotline- (632) 981-3699 or Universal Toll Free- IAC +800-8277-2273- as all transactions undertaken with the Card used prior to that time shall be the Cardholder's responsibility.
    2. The Cardholder shall be required to provide personal information and other details for identification purposes. The funds in the Card shall be inaccessible until the Cardholder purchases a new Card. Cardholder must apply for a new card thru the mobile app or website to receive a reference ID which shall be used to purchase a new card from any of the distribution partners. Cardholder must call the 24-Hour GetGo Prepaid Cards Hotline - (632) 981-3699 or Universal Toll Free- IAC +800-8277-2273 to credit the funds from the blocked Card to the new Card.
    3. The Cardholder agrees to settle all disputed transactions undertaken with the Card between the time it was lost/stolen and up to the time that the Card was reported to UnionBank.
  12. Expiry and Renewal of the Card: Unless earlier terminated by UnionBank or voluntarily cancelled or returned by the Cardholder, the Card shall be valid from the day of its issuance or renewal until the expiration and non-renewal thereof.
  13. Dormancy:

    1. The GetGo Virtual Prepaid shall be charged an inactivity fee after a period of six (6) months with no cardholder-initiated activity and shall become dormant after a period of twelve (12) months.
    2. The GetGo Peso+ Card shall be charged an inactivity fee after a period of twelve (12) months with no cardholder-initiated activity and shall become dormant after a period of eighteen (18) months.
    3. Cardholder-initiated activities refer to all "money in" and "money out" transactions excluding balance inquiry thru the mobile app and website and system-initiated activities such as charging of fees.
    4. Funds on the Cards may be zeroed out as a result of the inactivity fee which shall be debited every month starting on the seventh (7th) month of inactivity for GetGo Virtual Prepaid and on the 13th month of inactivity for GetGo Peso+ Card.
    5. All inactive Cards with zero balances shall be automatically closed even prior to becoming dormant.
  14. Transaction Disputes

    1. In case of errors or questions about transactions made on the Card, the Cardholder should call UnionBank at the 24-Hour GetGo Prepaid Cards Hotline- (632) 981-3699 or Universal Toll Free (IAC +800-8277-2273) immediately. Only calls received and successfully made through these numbers shall be considered received by UnionBank for purposes of these terms and conditions.
    2. The Cardholder should complete a dispute form and send the form to the UnionBank Customer Service Unit. THIS FORM MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 5 CALENDAR DAYS FROM THE DAY CARDHOLDER DISPUTES THE TRANSACTION(S).
    3. The Bank will on a best effort basis try to determine whether an error occurred within a period of 90 days to investigate the complaint or question. Third parties, such as Visa or ATM networks, may charge the Bank an administrative fee for investigating such disputes, in which case, Cardholder shall be liable to reimburse the Bank for such administrative costs and expenses incurred.
  15. Suspension of Card- For the protection of both UnionBank and the Cardholder:

    1. The Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that UnionBank has the right to suspend or block the Card if it has reason to believe that the Card is being used for fraudulent or suspicious transactions or by an unauthorized person or for any purpose in violation of law, regulation or public policy.
    2. The Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that UnionBank has the authority to suspend or block the Card and holds UnionBank free and harmless against any liability or causes of action related to such action by the Bank.
    3. The Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that UnionBank may limit the number of purchases, or other Card transactions that may be approved in one day. If UnionBank detects any unusual or suspicious activity on the Card, Unionbank will contact the Cardholder or UnionBank may temporarily suspend Cardholder privileges until the unusual activity is verified and cleared.
  16. Compliance with Existing Laws - The Cardholder warrants that the use of the Card, including but not limited to the use and/or receipt of funds using the Card and the available channels for the Card, do not and will not violate the Anti-Money Laundering Laws of the Philippines, as amended as well as other applicable laws, Bangko Sentral and other related rules or regulations. By signing this Agreement and/or using the Card, the Cardholder agrees to render the Bank, its directors, officers, employees, and representatives, free and harmless and to indemnify the Bank and said directors, officers, employees, and representatives from any damage, liabilities or causes of action arising from or related to any violation of said laws, rules, or regulations.
  17. Card cannot be assigned - The Card and the Cardholder's obligations under this Agreement cannot be assigned. The Bank may transfer its rights under this Agreement. Use of the Card is subject to all applicable laws, rules and customs of any clearinghouse or other associations involved in the transactions or provision of the Card and related services. The Bank does not waive its rights by delaying or failing to exercise them at any time.
  18. Amendment and Cancellation -The Bank may amend or change the terms of this Agreement at any time. The Cardholder will be notified of any change in the manner provided by applicable law prior to the effective date of the change. However, if the change is made for security purposes and to prevent further losses, the Bank can implement such change without prior notice.
  19. Governing Law - This Agreement and all matters arising out of the issuance, possession and use of the Card shall be governed by Philippine law. In case of any conflict between the provisions of this Agreement and any applicable law or regulation, this Agreement is deemed modified only to the extent necessary to comply with such law or regulation.
  20. Venue - Any action arising from or related with this Agreement shall be brought only in the proper courts of Pasig City or Pasay City, Philippines at the option of the plaintiff, to the exclusion of all other venues.